COVID -19 Supporting Local Business and a Global Community

Housatonic Railroad Company is and has been deeply involved in the support of key customers served over the Berkshire Line that are directly involved in the emergency effort. Throughout the Pandemic, Housatonic has provided essential and uninterrupted freight service to these key customers as well as the many other businesses on our line. This has not been without challenges. One of our employees contracted Covid-19 and two employees suffered the loss of parents due to the pandemic. While the environment has been difficult, we have been able to continue to support the local businesses like Becton Dickenson (syringe manufacturer), Kimberly Clark (sanitary paper products), Plaskolite (PPE face shields) and Pharmco (sanitizer) in their efforts to support the global community. We are proud of our employees and proud to work together with the businesses on our line that are helping the global recovery initiative.

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The original Housatonic Railroad was chartered in 1836

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